Photo Production



MM-Booklet-24-novembre-2 will handle the executive production for any photo shoot, whether in Italy or abroad. We combine an all-inclusive field experience with maximum professionalism, allowing our customers to concentrate solely on their own creativity. Customers are free to think more clearly, knowing that we’ll take care of the rest, from booking accommodations, to coordinating transportation, to researching locations, to hiring professionals as photographers, makeup artists, hairdressers, stylists, mockup artists, set designers and digital assistants.

Each and every team member is chosen to complement and optimize the team in order to bring your project to fruition. We take care of the financial management and continuously monitor production costs to avoid any additional charges or surprises during the final cost summary. We organize expeditions, perform research and transport props, rent technical equipment and take care of all legal aspects, including releases and contracts.


  • Casting
  • Truck and van rental
  • Delivery services for equipment and props
  • Equipped photo studios
  • Catering services
  • Photographer assistants
  • Hairdressers and makeup artists
  • Stylists
  • Skilled workers
  • Permits
  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Locations
  • Postproduction

Even in times of financial crisis, the luxury industry has continued to grow and according to trends, will always continue to do so.

MM has worked for years with the best luxury brands to generate digital content, advertising campaigns, commercials and luxury-produzioni-fotografiche-romaevents.

While we can take projects from an initial idea all the way through to the press, we can also enter a project at any stage of development in order to insure that our knowledge will keep your project on time without any production delays.

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Experience is key in the field of automotive photography and video.

MM has proven that they can effectively advertise the best aspects of any car, enhancing a car’s aesthetic strengths and overall performance, from classics with soft and delicate curves to sports cars with more aggressive attitudes.

The careful planning and preparation for each car will allow clients to achieve the result they desire. We will find the perfect backdrop for your cars, whether this requires us to scout the perfect location or to create the optimal technological 3D model.

With an artistic and professional 360-degree customer view, MM  cares also to the world of children advertising, providing specific services tailored just for them.

We have years of experience creating refined and elegant advertising campaigns for children’s products for major advertising and fashion brand names. gucci-2Among our “young” customers we are proud to present: Liu Jo, Mexx, Gucci, Pampers, Ballet Papier, Sevi and many others.


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In action sports photography, timing, reaction and dynamic movement is everything. MM has defined itself as a pillar in this field, both in Italy and abroad.

In order to tell the best story, we must capture pivotal moments as they unfold in real-time and therefore must keep up-to-date with the very best technical equipment available on the market.

Canon, GoPro, Blackmagic, and ARRI ALEXA cameras can be set on drones allowing MM to meet any shooting need within any budget.

For over twenty years we have supported customer projects worldwide in advertising, editorials, catalogs, commercials, b-roll, and corporate videos.

We have years of experience managing projects with the utmost professionalism and within the bounds of any budget. We make it happen, trust us.

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Our location searches begin with images. Strong visuals guarantee that your location is chosen for its overall aesthetic.

Our architectural shots are generated with the utmost professionalism and experience. We strive to produce images that are both interesting and tasteful by capturing a particular reflection or a play of light that gives them something extra.

We create images and videos of the exteriors and interiors of hotels, restaurants, event locations, farms, municipalities, sports centers, tourist offices, and public and private offices in order to develop and support your projects.

Food photography is a specialized field of still life photography aimed at producing attractive pictures of food to be used in advertising, on food packaging, in magazines or cookbooks and on menus.

Professional food photography requires the cooperation of many professionals including a food photographer, a food stylist, a prop stylist, an art buyer and any number of assistants. The key to great pictures or videos primarily lies with the food stylist. A food stylist must have the ability to compose images, but must also be able to effectively translate the physical aspects of a real plate of food, such as the scent and the taste, into a two-dimensional picture. In order to learn the many tricks required to obtain the best results in photography and video, a food stylist must have a great deal of experience.

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We provide low-cost creative and production support to photographic and video campaigns for national and international organizations that promote social good.

We have produced campaigns for: Doctors Without Borders, the World Wildlife Fund, the Italian Ministry of Equal Opportunity, Save the Children, the Italian Council for Refugees, the Cittalia project (a branch of the National association of Italian cities and municipalities) to fight human trafficking, the Italian Ministry of the Interior, and campaigns for anorexia and bulimia prevention (Ministry of Equal Opportunity), road safety (Ministry of Transportation) and anti-slavery, among others.

We create still life advertising photographs that help improve your sales. Still life images are used not only for a purely aesthetic purpose, but also to respond to your communication needs by promoting a message or by making a product or service visible. The overall attitude is our first focus when considering how best to capture a subject. Do we need to describe it in a neutral manner that enhances the appearance? Or do we need to put it in a creative setting that highlights functional characteristics?

Still life photography for advertising does not always need to represent reality. Sometimes it must create distance. It must separate a viewer from reality by creating dreams and expressing emotions or suggesting an altogether new interpretation of reality.

Images must be perfect, pleasing, and idealized and must conceal product defects. While there are many approaches available even for the same type of subject, the most important driving factor is always the specific message the client wants to present to customers.

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We hold castings and auditions and provide participants with the necessary information to work in all fields of entertainment, including dance, music, acting, fashion, writing, producing and performing.

We manage castings, auditions, competitions and the selection process for television, cinema, theater, special events, fashion and advertising.

To keep up-to-date with the many free casting and audition opportunities we host for our clients, click here to register.

MM selects clients that aspire to participate in entertainment programs, game shows, and games and/or contests, as well as actors and new faces for advertising campaigns, short films, feature films and pilots or zero numbers.

If you would like to participate in our castings and to be registered in our database of proposals, you can send us your CV and your composite or photos by completing the “NEW PROPOSAL”  form online.



MM rents technical equipment to satisfy the needs of any client. Equipment is always the very best in the digital world.

Rentals include Profoto strobes, Broncolor Grafit strobes, Elinchrom strobes, Bowens strobes or Briese strobes.

Our continuous lights and Fresnel availability includes ARRI and De Sisti floodlights, tungsten lights and Kino Flo’s neon bank. Our small, medium and large format cameras or 35mm and HD cameras include Full HD, 4K and 6K. Rentals include RED cameras, the ARRI ALEXA, Blackmagic and Canon.

We provide green screen and blue screen filming and shooting whenever it is required, using experienced professionals who will capture your footage, studying the right lighting for your shots. We make it happen!

We also provide all types and colors of American Superior Seamless paper backdrops ranging in size from 2.7 to 3.7 meters. Our talented set designers can create any type of backdrop to satisfy the creativity and needs of our customer.

prop-stylist mm productions


MM offers catering for your production, event or meeting.

We will be your onsite consultants and supervisors, offering the best caterers for your budget. We will satisfy the most complicated palates while cooking for your productions, private or corporate events, business meetings, conventions or any other business opportunity. We will accommodate your vision and will stick to your directives in terms of target, budget, special needs and the overall image that your company wants to convey.

The catering offerings range from simple street food to the creations of Michelin-starred chefs and from vegan dishes to sushi dinners, accommodating any taste that suits you. We can provide coffee breaks, light lunch buffets, business lunches, cocktails, tasting and gala dinners, themed parties and international cuisine.



Permits are a long-standing and complicated issue, especially in Italy. Procedures are inconsistent and change from one place to another and if not managed correctly, lengthy approval times can create scheduling problems.

Permissions for filming, photo shoots or events must follow a series of national institutional screenings and approvals, including the Superintendent for the Protection of Artistic and Cultural Goods, the fire department, traffic police, villa and park officials, port authorities, public sector officials, the Ministry of the Interior, film commissioners, building management approval and private property owners. Each region has its own procedures with constantly changing times. With our experience we can advise for specific locations in order to get the permissions for your project on time.



MM has been a location and location research leader for 30 years, in Italy and abroad.

We research, discover and archive locations for film, advertising, fashion, special events, industrial projects, business development, real estate or for any other location based project.

We maintain one of the largest location archives in Italy with more than one million of our own images.

The archive of locations, searchable by our customers, consists of thousands of villas, apartments, castles, chalets, lofts, hotels, shops, farms, farmhouses, country houses, factories, skyscrapers, dairies, barber shops, sports centers, stadiums, mountains, volcanoes, streets, squares, parks, lakes, rivers, mountains, beaches, dunes and more, spread throughout the national territory.

The location archive has been used over the years by the biggest names in the international film, television, fashion, business and advertising industries.

Karl Lagerfeld, Gilles Bensimon, Craig McDean, Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott, Terry Richardson, David Sims and others have relied on our location services.



Photo and video production projects, and the management of unique events, all require a diverse team of highly-skilled professionals which can be difficult to both find and to manage. MM handles everything, offering several choices tailored to you and your specific project: directors, directors of photography, steadicam operators, photographers, stylists, mockup artists, makeup artists, hairdressers, set designers, actors, drone pilots, digital assistants, chefs, dancers, singers, costume designers, seamstresses, ironers, manicurists, etc.

We research, and manage recruitment and contracts for celebrities based on your specific needs for a single performance or for an entire movie production, show or advertising campaign, in Italy and abroad.




MM works with the biggest tour operators around the world and also with smaller local services in villages to provide the best solution for your transportation.

MM organizes any type of transportation required to move people, VIPs or simply goods that need guaranteed on time delivery. We’ll insure that everyone and everything arrives on time in order to meet the production plan and schedule for your event.

We can obtain luxury cars for VIP clientele, including Mercedes series S, Aston Martin, Porsche or whatever you request.

We also provide technical trucks such as hair and makeup trucks, tailoring trucks, generator trucks, bathroom trucks, kitchen trucks, restaurant trucks, director trucks or simple minivans, passenger or cargo vans, such as the Mercedes Viano, or for more space, the Ford Transit or the Mercedes Sprinter.

mm productions trasporti


MM researches, recommends, books and manages hotel reservations for your production or event, in Italy and abroad.

In Italy, we have established agreements and special rates with various hotels, ranging from a simple bed and breakfast to a five-star luxury hotel.

We will propose the best solution not only based on cost, but also based on the specific logistics for your project. Particular cities, like Venice, can present unique logistical challenges. Hotels in other cities, such as Porto Cervo, Capri or Portofino, can consume an entire available budget. We prevent this from happening by providing the appropriate proposals to meet your needs.


MM manages and continuously monitors the production costs for your project, constantly comparing actual expenditures with approved budgets in order to avoid unexpected situations. Any unbudgeted expenses will be submitted to you for approval before being paid.


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