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Working with the most qualified talent agencies in the world specializing in film, video and TV production, mm-logo-capoverso-ART provides assistance in finding the best creative staff for your project in Italy and globally, including directors, photographers, fashion stylists, prop stylists, makeup artists, hairstylists etc. MM provides all you need for your production staff directory extensive list and directory.


MM handles all aspects of art buying for its clients. The art buyer is an essential figure in the world of production. Initially a professional position in advertising agencies, an art buyer finds and manages all physical aspects of an advertising campaign, including people, testimonials, materials, photos and locations.

Today, an art buyer, with a keen understanding of exactly what a project requires,  searches globally for the ideal professionals and materials and insures that expenses remain within a client’s budget. An art buyer handles all activities related to goods and services, including the negotiation and conditions for purchases, and guarantees the availability and on-time delivery of materials and products, as well as the expertise and the quality of the professionals and services employed. The art buyer works closely with the production manager to verify the overall compliance of the procurement plan with production requirements.

The producer organizes and manages everything that happens on a photo or video set or at an event, including the scheduling of appointments, the management of transfers, the coordination of people and the overall management of the budget throughout the production process.

MM’s multilingual producers, available 24 hours a day, are the first to arrive and the last to leave and are always ready to solve any emergency. Hired for their field experience, each of our producers has successfully completed hundreds of projects in difficult situations in locations as diverse and challenging as the Dolomites to volcanoes and from the Sardinian Sea to Puglia.

A location manager is responsible for researching, photographing and obtaining permissions for any location, be it public or private, for your production or event. Our location managers prepare contracts for location owners and for temporary tenants while also managing all check-in and check-out procedures, guaranteeing that everything is in order and that no damages have been incurred.

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A costume designer or stylist researches, finds and rents or buys the very best clothing and accessories to create the perfect look. Finding the right style and tailored fit for a specific actor or model requires a highly-skilled eye and a sensitive attention to detail. Our stylists can also design unique costumes for any project with historical accuracy or based purely on fantasy.

Costumista stylist mm productions

MM’s hair and makeup artists and groomers are professionals with the skills of both a makeup artist and a hairdresser. Often relied on for children’s productions and editorials, they are an affordable alternative for low budget projects.


MM’s hairstylists help you find the perfect hairstyle to frame your face and to keep your hair in place. From the most complicated vintage hairstyles to the most fashionable modern cuts, MM’s professionals will find the perfect look for you.


MM’s makeup artists will highlight your best features and will make both men and women look fabulous. A makeup artist has the skill to maximize your unique qualities and to artfully redefine your image and beauty.


MM’s prop stylists, relying on a deep knowledge of the territory as well as insider connections with artisans, professionals and “secret” suppliers, seek out the very best furniture for your set, location or event based on your creative ideas. Benefitting from the rules of product placement, many props are even available for use free of charge.


MM’s food stylists are essential for quality food-oriented photographic and video productions and insure that food is presented in the most aesthetically successful way, sometimes relying on chemical manipulation. Food photography and video work require a great deal of experience and knowledge in order to master the right tricks to get the perfect picture. A food stylist or food economist will also manage the artistic composition of the overall setting, including plates and tables, as well as the general choreography of the product and will take care of all relevant purchasing and procurement.

Food stylist

MM provides multilingual photographer assistants available for global travel. Our assistants are highly experienced professionals who have worked extensively with international photographers both in photo studios and “on the road”. Our assistants allow photographers to concentrate exclusively on the photography by insuring that all equipment and technical aspects of a project are under control and that the work is being done as efficiently as possible, while preventing unexpected events from interfering.

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MM employs digital imaging technicians or DITs in order to insure that your photographic and digital video projects are properly maintained. A DIT will secure all of your data by archiving and cataloging your files on a hard drive which will be routinely backed up. Productions can be expensive and data loss can present considerable problems in terms of timing and cost. A DIT is available from the first stages of a production to catalog and reference files in order to simplify the retrieval process and to facilitate the work of the editor or post-producer.

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MM aims to keep an entire crew happy by providing all types of catering services. Our caterers will prepare lunch according to the weather, the location and to the specific requirements of the client and their crew. Our catering services range from the simplest, family-styled meal to the creations of a high-end Michelin-star chef for VIP clients.


By relying on the most modern hardware systems and the most advanced digital post-production techniques, MM Productions delivers an exceptional product on-time. Our creative solutions include video editing, compositing, editing at HD 4K and 6K resolutions, audio and visual special effects, 2D and 3D animation and design, the implementation and design of motion graphics, multi-camera editing, color correction, subtitles, music, sound, voice-over, video encoding and integration for all formats, including smartphones and tablet devices.

Our commitment to continuous research and to the development of customized solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients insures that we deliver exceptionally high quality products in a very short processing time and at the lowest cost.

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While highly complex, the work of a storyboarder can be extremely useful and MM provides this essential professional service in order to give life and shape to your ideas, whether for a realistic video production, a digital production or an advertisement.

With the help of professional illustrators, our storyboarders create a preview of your finished project through a chronological sequence of illustrated cards, each visualizing a new shot and specifying what will be seen and done at any given time, including framing choices and camera movements. The storyboard helps a director stay true to a client’s vision by translating a script or a static document into a dynamic visual that can be used in the production phase to avoid mistakes and costly errors. A good storyboard keeps a project on schedule, saving you time and money.

MM productions has years of experience collaborating with some of the top directors in the field, capable of artistically reaching the viewer in sensitive and unique ways. The director is arguably the most important position in a video production and acts as the technical and artistic working manager, selecting appropriate professionals, directing actors, coordinating the set and insuring that all staff members are giving their best. The director is considered the only and final author of a production and therefore must be carefully selected. The perfect director for a perfume spot will not be the best candidate to make a commercial advertising a car. MM will help you select the perfect director for your project.

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For many years, MM Productions has been a leader in the professional photography industry and is capable of meeting any kind of photographic need. MM is actively engaged with the fashion industry and with luxury brands, and works with some of the most famous names in international photography such as Terry Richardson, Inez Van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin, David Sims, Douglas Kirkland, Mark Sanders, Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott, Ljubodrag Andric, Francesco Carrozzini, Peter Lindbergh, Benjamin Huseby, Karen Rosetskye and many others. Our substantial experience, ability, knowledge and high degree of professionalism, allow us to offer our clients top notch photographic services. We work with and represent photographers specializing in advertising, automotive, industrial and corporate projects, portraits, still life, celebrities, food, weddings, events, architecture, medical and lifestyle. Photography has always been the basis of any product or company communication and photographers are our storytellers.

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