We produce videos and put them online for live streaming of events, interviews, programs with direct distribution on the major social platforms, Facebook Live, You Tube Live, or on platforms owned by the Customer or by creating personalized web pages.

We are able to create the direction and therefore to be able to use more rooms and microphones to cover the event and insert graphics during the live broadcast.

Streaming video with MMProductions offers multiple potentialities:

  • Multi-camera shooting
  • Live sound engineer
  • Graphics and girth
  • Multistreaming on various platforms
  • Live chat with moderator

We use the most popular live platforms like Livestream and Wirecast. Besides the live broadcast, we record the event on hard disk.





Thanks to our advanced technology we cover the event using up to 8 cameras and computers (slides, video presenter, presentations) directly managing them with last generation physical switchers like the ATEM television studio HD of Blackmagic Design.

Our cameras specific for the broadcast Blackmagic studio ultraHD camera allow a streamlined workflow and give the possibility to know which room is picking up thanks to the reference lights that signal the active room making it easy to direct the speaker. The direction combines the various shots and the graphics in over-impression, the video can be transmitted directly in the conference room in the case of live conferences and transmitted at the same time in live streaming on the various platforms.



Our audio service includes the sound engineer who will take a look at the necessities to realize the audio design necessary for live streaming or possibly in direct conference in the hall.

Thanks to ice cream microphones, collars or sennheiser bow microphones, it will cover the event by sending the signal in the auditorium and in the control room so as to have audio coverage both in the hall and in live streaming.





We create and broadcast any graphics needed for direct as an event opening or closing sign, fading graphics, animations, girths, we create and broadcast any graphics needed for live coverage.

Based on your needs, we create any type of graphics necessary for the realization of the live broadcast or the conference, including the inclusion of graphic animations or animated transitions.



We can send the live stream to various platforms simultaneously, Facebook live, Youtube live, Periscope, Livestream and create internet pages where we can share / embed the video.

Live live will have a live chat where viewers can interact or ask questions.

We use the most popular streaming platforms such as Livestream and Wirecast, but we are free to send the video signal of the live broadcast where necessary or to create customized live streaming pages.





For conferences or live conferences or for direct streaming we can create custom-made sets thanks to professionals in the sector, made with high-level and fireproof materials.

The set will be entirely customized with the graphics you requested.

Direct streaming service

Our service includes and includes an inspection of the structure, lighting of the set and simulation tests the day before the event.

If you want more information or clarifications, fill out the form and you will be contacted shortly.


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