MMProductions dynamically manages the creation, development and executive production of feature films, short films, television dramas, advertising spots, backstage footage, corporate films, documentaries, industrial, music, sports, or educational videos, and the filming of shows, conferences and events. Cameras in Full HD/4K/6K, aerial shots with drone or with helicopter, the steadicam and the Ronin are our daily bread. To convey the image of a product or service with a video or spot requires the effective merging of images and sounds in order to communicate with the public.

MM commercial productions begin with a detailed study of the unique characteristics of a product and use advanced technical skills to produce a commercial that conveys the most appropriate creative solution. MM creates video clips for songs, narratives, animated sequences and documentaries with strong and spectacular impact intended to produce the optimum effect. We provide advice and apply the necessary skills throughout all development phases of a project in order to produce the best end product.


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MM also produces corporate videos or photographic and video productions commissioned by companies, firms or associations with a very specific purpose and which may include an advertising campaign for a product or a service or the overall professional image of a company. Due to these specific characteristics, a corporate video is a complex and demanding production which requires a professional team sensitive to specific details. We create photographic services and industrial and corporate videos for companies to visually promote specific images and products. In corporate photography, photos of corporate offices or operational facilities can be used to illustrate each stage of a production process, from the initial design phase right through to the finished product. Company profiles, including portraits of company leaders, management and corporate teams, can be printed in books and brochures and used for a variety of purposes, such as at the launch of a new product or for the promotion or sponsorship of a particular event.





MM focuses on short commercials which last in length from 5 to 15 seconds or 30 seconds and which convey a clear commercial message to a viewer in a very short period of time. Commercials express an offer, a promotion, or something practical and beneficial for the customer. Product images and text must clearly describe the key promotion points and a voice-over must invite a viewer to positively consider an offer. While spots are made for television, they are mostly produced for the web, which is becoming a more and more efficient medium for reaching consumers at a very low cost. Viral spots are a particular type of commercial that spreads on the web through social communities without a specific preset advertising campaign. MM produces viral commercials by working with crowdsourcing experts.



We support you to complete in the best possible way, having sensitivity to the economic availability always reduced for music videos. Contact us also for a possible co-production. The development of new ideas is the soul that moves our feelings and is the one for which we have chosen this work.





Our non-linear editing process allows for considerable breadth in the use of 3D and 2D motion graphics. Adobe After Effects, a professional graphics animation and video editing software, can be used to animate movement, add special effects and stabilize imagery. The advanced features of the software allow for complete motion control and precise layer management.

MM is highly competent in the field of professional graphics and video editing and can manage Adobe After Effects to create any type of 3D or 2D visual. Our solutions will enhance the presentation and the precision of your work with engaging graphics and original movement. We can also manage the integration of 3D animation and coordinate sound, image and graphics processing in our lab.



We produce online video production and streaming for live streaming of events, interviews, programs with direct diffusion on the major social platforms, Facebook Live, You Tube Live, or on platforms owned by the Customer or by creating personalized web pages.

We are able to create the direction and therefore to be able to use more rooms and microphones to cover the event and insert graphics during the live.

Video streaming with MMProductions offers multiple possibilities:

Direct sound engineer
Graphics and girth
multistreaming on various platforms
We use the most popular live platforms such as Livestream and Wirecast. Beyond the live we will record the live event on Hard Disk.

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We specialize in the creation and creation of the most common video styles currently required to strengthen the presence on the web of companies, especially for the production of webinars, video tutorials and e-learning.



MM creates and produces short films. Based on particular filming requirements, we can shoot either on film (35mm, 16mm, etc.) or in digital (Video 8, MiniDV, HDV, etc.). The genre may be fiction, noir, social or documentary. The short film has always been one of the main promotional tools for a new director and his team. With the advent of digital electronics, the number of short films made in Italy and around the world has increased significantly. Easy access to technology and HD cameras does not insure that you are a good director or a great producer. To achieve an impeccable short film you must also have cultural competence and strong technique. Passion and determination are also important factors, but not sufficient in and of themselves. With years of experience and a 360-degree customer view, MM helps you minimize errors in order to maximize the result.


More services

Besides the complete realization of the videos we are able to support you in specific services for your productions from Pre to Post-production.



MM produces aerial shots with traditional helicopters equipped with stabilization systems as Wescam or VAS, or radio controlled drones. Our sophisticated radio controlled helicopters and multirotor drones are specifically designed to capture extremely stable aerial video at a resolution of Full HD 50p video to insure great footage for your business needs.  The cost of filming with drones is significantly lower than filming with real helicopters.



MM shoots with steadicam operators. Our steadicams, worn by professional operators with a sophisticated damping system, will meet your most difficult filming needs with exceptional quality.

Using a steadicam while shooting insures a stable, clean image with a cut that is difficult to obtain with any other system. The steadicam is mostly used to capture moving images at body height and is the ideal tool to shoot an actor in motion. The steadicam which combines the stability of a tripod and the dynamics of a dolly, can easily overcome small obstacles and drive smoothly and without vibrations down stairs, through winding alleyways and along narrow corridors and paths.



MM Productions specializes in the use of chroma key compositing using green screen and blue screen backdrops. With advanced digital cameras and chroma key, our clients can combine two video sources, using a particular color, or “key” color, to signal to the video mixer which source to use at any given time. The chroma key is used to separately set subjects and objects on “virtual” backgrounds using two primary methods:

  1. Previously filmed material is integrated with content filmed on a green screen or blue screen.
  2. In the most commonly used technique, fully digitally processed materials are integrated with the movement of real actors with the aid of computer graphics. Years of experience have allowed MM Productions to acquire a unique know-how in the use of this technique which is essential for many post-production digital projects. Backdrops of paper, fabric or green or blue screens alone are not enough to insure that the optimal result is achieved. A chroma key expert must also be able to achieve the right tone, light and shading in order to insure the success of a project.

MM Productions uses the chroma key process to isolate people, animals, objects, either whole or in part, for later post-production use. The same process applies to photographic productions.



With a superb understanding of color correction software, including DaVinci Resolve, our editors can masterfully fuse together moving images with differing light and color schemes in order to create a perfect product.



While video editing is often considered a secondary product, it is essential, and for many filmographers it is considered a primary art form. A good editor must not only have the technical ability to work with programs such as Premier, Final Cut and Avid, but must also be able to focus on the critical details that can make all the difference between inferior and quality products. An assembly edit requires time, concentration and ability. Life experiences and the compositing taste of the editor are an extra value. Our editors are at your disposal to finalize and refine any of your projects.

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